Walking Tour of Colonial Churches in Downtown Oaxaca

. For more information, email Alan Goodin at:

 A tour for the devout, the lapsed, and the never-were…

 “Lively, intriguing, spiced with an array of Mexico’s historical characters.  One of the best tours I’ve ever taken.”     Reford MacDougall, The Nation

 “Whimsical, irreverent, informative, and entertaining, without being at all disrespectful.  Highly recommended.”   Stan Gotlieb, Oaxaca Mexico: An Expatriate Life

“Linda’s tour is an opportunity to see another and new side of religiosity in Oaxaca, laugh and enjoy while seeing the past. I’d recommend this tour to everyone with a sense of humor.”  Alan L. Goodin, The Jaguar

“For a GREAT city tour, join Linda’s walking tour of churches (which is actually a behind-the-scenes running narration of Oaxaca).  “Really fun and funny.”     Geri Anderson, Oaxaca ex-pat

 Tour stories feature:

Oaxaca’s special pagan-Catholic mix, with pagan idols secreted within main altars.

An archbishop lines his pockets from his land-grab of campesino lands.

 The Cathedral’s popular new Lebanese saint, brought here by Carlos Slim, billionaire owner of Telmex.

 The defrocking of Saint Christopher in 1969.

 The whiskey priest of “The Power and the Glory”, written by Graham Greene from his notes taken when the Vatican sent him in the 1930s to spy on the Mexican government – which was at war with the church

 D.H. Lawrence’s romantic triangle in Oaxaca’s Hotel Francia, 1924

 Emperor Maximilian, scrapped by his Austrian mother, stands before a Mexican firing squad

 Tours: 10 a.m. Tuesdays and Saturdays 

We meet in front of the Cathedral near the Zocalo

Tour lasts 2 hours

100 pesos per person (suggested donation) goes to Estancia – Oaxaca’s Ronald McDonald charity

No reservation needed.  For more information contact Linda at:     

Linda Martin-The Church Lady

 Linda Martin is an artist and shows her paintings in Teotitlan del Valle.  She has lived in Oaxaca for ten years.  Previously Linda was a costume designer at Harvard University.


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We recently visited Oaxaca City for 10 days in Sept. In our view, tourists can now safely return to this wonderful place. During 4 days of our stay, we had the excellent services of Roberto Gavidia, who supplied an air-conditioned Suburban to drive us throughout the central valley villages, visiting outstanding artisans and to see the extensive Zapotec and Mixtec ruins with which this area is blessed (Monte Alban, Mitra and Yagul). We also visited the Mixtec Monasteries north of Oaxaca City and the restored church at Ocotolan done by famed artist Rudolpho Morales. The nearby municipal building has one of his inspiring murals and there is a museum with several of his works. Roberto also assisted us in looking at several houses to rent for an extended stay we are planning in the future. Roberto is a wonderful guide, as well as a careful driver, and his charges are reasonable. What we especially liked was his flexibility in doing what we wanted to do, rather than insisting on a set “tourist” agenda which we have found to be a problem in hiring some drivers. We highly recommend Roberto Gavidia, who can be reached at or (011) 52 951 157 0779 from the US.

 We spent 5 nights each at Las Mariposas and Hotel Azucenas, 2 reasonably priced, clean and charming small hotels. We wanted to get a different perspective on the area so that’s why we stayed in 2 hotels. Oaxaca has great restaurants and cuisine. We especially liked: Marco Polo (seafood-do try the oven-baked dishes from the horno); Temple; Casa Oaxaca, La Biznaga and the mole dishes at El Naranjo, which has recently reopened.

 If you have any interest in relocating to Oaxaca – either temporarily or permanently, be sure to visit the Oaxaca Lending Library, next door to Las Mariposas, and talk to the friendly ex-pats there. Finally, don’t miss the Tuesday or Saturday (10:00 a.m.) walking tour of the colonial churches (a tour for the devout, the lapsed and the never-were). Linda Martin gives a very informative and pleasurable tour and she is also an excellent painter. She can be reached at

 Finally, we strongly agree with BrooklynMel’s post of 8/25/07. We had a terrific time and look forward to returning to Oaxaca again.

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