Walking Tours of Colonial Churches of Oaxaca: A tour for the devout, the lapsed, and the never-were. These two hour tours are guided by a U.S. artist who lives in Oaxaca and discusses art, architecture and history.

Linda Martin, Tour guide and artist

Linda Martin, Tour guide and artist

The tour group meets in front of the Cathedral near the Zocalo at 10 a.m. on Tuesdays and Saturdays. A donation of 100 pesos per person is suggested which goes to the Estancia Fraternidád, a sort of Ronald MacDonald house for families and individuals from out of town who are undergoing outpatient treatment at the local charity hospital.. To schedule the tour at OTHER times, contact Linda Martin at

The woman’s name is Linda Martin and it’s a walking tours of Oaxaca’s churches. She gives the tour every Tuesday and Saturday morning at 10 AM starting in front of the Cathedral which is next to the Zocalo. It’s a 2 hour tour. People just meet up with her there. She’s middle aged, blonde, and was easy to spot.

Linda Martin’s email address is I heard about her tour on the Lonely Planet Thorntree, but I think she also passes out flyers around the Zocalo. I definitely recommend it. There were probably a dozen people on the tour when we took it.

Photo by Alan Goodin


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