¡Que Pasa!”  The Oaxaca Lending Library’s Newletter is awaiting you at http://www.oaxlibrary.org/Oaxaca_Lending_Library/Que_Pasa!.html.

 Check it out. Click on the ¡Que Pasa! logo to download the newsletter all at once or click on the newsletter section-by-
section. ENJOY!  is the official newsletter of the Oaxaca Lending Library.


Click on the “Calendar” section and see “Que Paso” in Oaxaca. If you’re just passing through Oaxaca, stop in and donate any books you have chosen NOT to take home.

Oaxaca Lending Library, ACPino Suarez 519, Centro www.oaxlibrary.com  or at  library@oaxlibrary.com


  1. I have been searching and searching for membership information. I want to move to Oaxaca but am having problems gathering information. While there are tons of websites about the library, none of them says how to go about becoming a menber or mention of membership fees. I tried twice to contact the Oaxaca Spanish Magic School from your website. Got nowhere. I am senior with Fm3 and want a home-stay place to start school close to the library until I become familiar enough with Oaxaca to establish a permanent residence.
    I do have some visual limitations reading buses routes and road signs.
    I’m a retired teacher, looking forward to getting acquainted with the library, its functions and volunteer programs. Can someone ther help me even get started. I would like to move visit next week and move there in no LATER than the end of March when my rent is up. Respectfully,
    Barbara Myers-Peone

    • Hola, google, Oaxaca Lending Library and I believe all of the questions you’ve asked will be answered. The Jaguar

    • Google, Oaxaca Lending Library for Info. Go directly to their webiste or better, go to the OLL at 517 Pino Saurez. the Jaguar

  2. I’d like to know if you have planned a thanksgiving dinner. And if so, kindly give me details. Thanks.

    • Hi, My site was down until today. Yes, the Oaxaca Lending Library had a Thanksgiving dinner at the home of Susana Trilling. It was a sell out.

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