About a couple of months ago, we traveled to San Felipe Lachillo, about 3 hours straight up northeast of Huatulco, and delivered building materials for a new library for the children of the village. We video “taped” our journey, so you can also follow it by clicking on the following video.

Much work on the library has already been accomplished since the day of our delivery of the shelving material. In addition, a dental clinic has been completed and opened and ladies from Mexico city are living in the community and teaching sewing and voluntary library skills.

In recent weeks, the actual books themselves, about 350 of them, were delivered to the village and placed on the newly constructed and installed shelving. You can see a Facebook photo album about the library at —

We hope to return next winter to the state of Oaxaca and visit the ¨little library in the mountains¨at San Felipe. It is the 40th library established in the state of Oaxaca by expats from USA and Canada living in Oaxaca City.

If you are interested in learning about how foreigners living in Oaxaca City have been able to establish over 40 libraries in the state of Oaxaca go to the following “Page” on this blog at —

“And, please check out my other “Pages” AT THE TOP OF THIS BLOG for other interesting highlights about Mexico.  I have placed “Links” to other people’s blogs to the right” — says the Jaguar.

Stephen Sardeson, ¨The¨Genuine Tourist,” formerly from Tlaxcala, Tlaxcala, Mx


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