By Stephen Sardeson, AKA, “Superman” on Facebook

We have been privileged in southern Oaxaca to be able to work with the expats in Oaxaca City in establishing a children’s library in the high mountain village of San Felipe Lachillo.  The village was not even “on the map” until after a major hurricane in the late 1990s when it was “discovered” by a red cross helicopter attempting to get aid to those cut off from supplies. In the village of 800 people over half of the residents are children.  And, like children in so many villages, they did not have enough food each day to get them started in the morning for a day of learning in their local school. 

The initial allocation of books for a new library is about 325 books that are geared for children and meant to be read simply for fun.  They are mostly fiction and are meant for children with low reading levels.  After the first, about 100 books per year (for about 3 years) are added to the initial allocation of books that are of progressively higher reading levels.  In addition, the librarians for each library are invited to Oaxaca City once per year to receive training, share ideas, and pick up their yearly allotment of books, sometimes including maps, globes and references books.

Anyone wishing to be a part of this work should contact Luis —

Contact:  Luis Alfredo Chavez Estavillo (
Bugambilia 603, La Crucecita
Huatualco Bays, Oaxaca. Mexico
C.P. 70 989
Tel (958) 587.00.70

His restaurant in Huatuclo website is –

Luis has a toll free phone number from the USA Which is available upon request.

Libros Para Pueblos is a program of the “Oaxaca Lending Library,” but it has its own supporters and raises it own funds.  It also has a nice and informative website to answer many of your questions about its program.  Go to —

The website also has a brief synopsis of each of the 40+ libraries established by the program.

Two locations particularly dear to my heart are Vicente Guerrero and San Felipe Lachillo.  Vicente Guerrero was the first library established for the children of the landfill workers of Oaxaca City.  The “Oaxaca Streets and Shops” Yahoo Group was used to raise funds for this library, a number of years after its establishment, to replace all of its worn out books.  And, a variety of fundraising methods were used to raise funds to provide food for children in San Felipe Lachillo and establish the new library.  The earlier fund raising events can be viewed at —

But, if you want to travel with us and see the actual trip to establish the library at San Felipe, you can travel along with us up the mountains about Huatulco by watching this YouTube video –

Finally, San Felipe has been privileged in so many other ways which can also be viewed at –


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