“TRAVELING STANLEY” UNGER-Nothing Has Become Something

Nothing Has Become Something

White cold walls emphasize emptiness,
In a room possessing only a bed I exist.
It is here I discovered,
Nothing Has Become Something.
Stillness magnifies reality stimulating currents
of thought, once dormant,
Silence has become a force!

I am a flower who is delicate,
yet withstands winds that
Destroy structures, I am not alone.

A boom-box emanating powerful volume,
does not mean that the
Work is of quality.
Tenderly I explore the unknown,
Revisit the past,
Review absolutes
Connecting. Entering a world of riches,
liberating fantasies,
Allowing instinctive consciousness to prevail.

In a room that could be a jail,
where the walls that
are cold emerges into a Palace.
I have become free in a place where
Nothing has become Something.

                          Traveling Stanley



 Hello Friend. They say you are two thousand and a few years of age. I am seventy-five.
What kind of diet are you on? You look good.
Miles have evaporated, traveling long distances to be with you again.
I walked out of the wilderness into a jungle where people’s dreams are polluted. 
Your branches sway in gentleness.
You are an EMPEROR, standing tall, touching heavens,
Inner strength withstands storms of life’s realities.

More than fifty people circle your truck,
Arms stretched, touching each other.

Songs abound. I am a child cradled in the spirit of your tenderness,
Caressed by leaves, birds next upon your branches,
Lovers kiss, the lonely smile, children play.

In this universe your kingdom dominates
A small space of greatness.

Your leaves are green, not as bright as they used to be.

Your bark is tough and wrinkled just like my skin.

Prime time is just beginning for us.

Still flowering, living not just surviving.

We are late bloomers.

The sun shines, the breezes are soft
In a world that is sweet, as I reenter a jungle of polluted
Dreamers on my way to a wilderness
Where dreams are pure.

“Traveling Stanley” Unger

       (Dedicated to Frank)


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