Ad to Jaguar Speaks

                                 placed by Traveling Stanly

                                OLD LADY WANTED

Will to share possessions, pleasures and Pensions

Varicose veins, under seventy-one need not apply

We will do romantic exercises that’s good for your rheumatism

As you pick up after me.

Old Lady wanted who likes to cook.

You will get more exercises washing pots and pans.

On a cruise ship going nowhere, we will dance holding each

Other tenderly dipping under stars of hope under a full moon.

Two hearts being one.

Waves only for us roll onto the shore.

A soft breeze caresses. Tenderly we embrace.

! Abandon cynicisms, embrace innocence,

You can reach me at Traveling Stanley Dot Com U.S.A.

Mexico, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Panama.

Call me, I’ll be good to you baby, the future is ours.

                                Traveling Stanley


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