RODRIGO-The Old Hotel – A portrait

THE OLD HOTEL – A portrait

Oh suffering silence
Oh emptiness of walls
So cold for sun to set upon
Eternal bleakness
Sullen chambers echo
Echoes of another world
And ladies going round with knowing
The dark skinned señorita
Center seated orchestrates
Baton in hand
Discordant fiddles seek their dismal pain
A bellhop made his final rounds
The games played out in different rooms
They flowed while margaritas bloomed
What hides behind these secret walls?
What heavy drapes muffle in the murmurs more?
And dusty chandeliers ready for the fall
Vipers slither, tossed on tiles
And enter grey commodes
Then a disembodied voice
Strained with urging
Hissed its desperate words to me

“Leave this place
Go this moment now
Before the first veneer rolls in
Upon the canvas and seals you fast within”
And off I fled
Toward life, toward time, toward all
Where depth was mine
And quiet lofty clouds
And gratitude
Mine too, the slow gyration of the sun
A vibrant burst of rainbow
An arch melting into blue
And I could walk upon the sand
And never did it seem so grand as now
And never did I feel so free!
No! Never did I feel so free!

Rodrigo Villegas


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