RODRIGO-The Bus Ride Out


Up the slogging step we go
Ah, rice fields in an even flow
Look, the melons are for stealing
Across the rising path
We walk the hallowed hill
There, the city of the dead
Walls of blue found coral
Recalling heads of stone
Mountains drape a craze quilt
Out bus stopped by the rock
So large as to negotiate
A slow and narrow crossing
We wait, the other side, oh yes

A nip of wind becomes a kiss
So rare with sunlit soon
While crimson rides the dawn
Reverting phantoms back to trees
And dawn around the moon ascends
In time all shall fester, all shall go
But ashes will remain
Yet so cool and still
In all that solitude, against the wind
Yes, there beyond the hill
And in the far awaits the known
And everything is still

 Rodrigo Villigas