RODRIGO-Aftermath and Astrud Gilberto & the Brazilian Jazz Band at Town Hall


And when I leave
May there be magic
Way beyond the knowing
Above the mist still mountains
Through shades of rushing green
To return flowered
Spread out, always glowing
From an unfamiliar dream
No time to wear upon me
Focusing on the now
No saddened days
Just rainbows raging glory
Spinning hills eternally
A boat ready for the crossing
And ah, Oh yes
The castle!


Rodrigo Villegas


Astrud Gilberto & the Brazilian Jazz Band at Town Hall

Brazilian Jazz

The Runaway thing
Besetting a world to new motion
Nine men
Its base
Slicing inroads
Taunt unfamiliarity
Two bold sax
Set a pace
Interwinding chimes
Slowing down as in between thoughts
Then off again
Frantic haste
Cushioned upon idle pinao
Crisscross rattlers are its backbone
Astrud comes to fore
Spins the world and lets it flow
Astrud glides on streams of flute
Flute rides Astrud now
Mas que nade
Astrud in white communion gown
Bares arms frim so tan

Astrud works on scarcity of note

Assuming center roll
Where lies timidity now?
Herbie Mann hones his flute
To slide on Astrud curves
Rios in New York
Quick oleanders
Tip toe sticks on brass
Solo sax reassures
Hints of Coleman
Transpires trumpets
Carries Astrud to the rain Bowed Sky
Conched fingers conspire
With black keys
I follow you to bold new themes
Grim midnights
Your longing hips sway
Your shy waters call carnival
Brazil snakes back its Amazon
Banana Bread, Banana Bread
Banana, Banana, Banana Bread


Rodrigo Villegas is a retired seaman, born in New York of Costa Rican parents.