“His writing, with its lucidity and words charged with meaning, is an open door to consciousness… Fresh and profound with a touch of irony.”
~T.R., Oaxaca, MX
Man With Luggage
by Kurt Hackbarth
“Hackbarth is an exceptional young poet with clear vision and a strong original voice. His poetry is a delight to read, yet carefully crafted with subtle layers of meaning. He should become a major poet.”
~ Gil Colgate,
The Reluctant Poet

“…after reading the first poem, I was not able to stop and continued reading until the end. I saw colors, heard sounds, and felt sensations. This author’s eclectic collection of poems has opened me to the art of poetry. This wonderful young poet has inspired my muse to break through into new grounds. I would definitely recommend this work to poetry aficionados and beginners alike.”
~V.H.G., Portland, OR

“I don’t know how this young writer learned to speak so eloquently and with such confidence, but I trust his vision and want to hear more about it.”
~J.S., Minneapolis, MN


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