Blue – to the President of the United States of American…Barak Obama

(to the President of the United States of America…Barak Obama)

they wait
for the battle to start.

for the bullets to stop
whizzing passed their heads.

for orders to advance.
to retreat. to sleep. to eat

for the mortars
to stop.

for silence.

…to go on leave
in one piece
not wounded
not blind
not cripple
with all their

for the adrenaline kick.
for courage to stand.
to fight
to walk
through fields
of uncertainty

…for the explosions
that could rip
off their legs.

could kill them.
blind them…
wound everyone
around them
without discrimination.

for the night
mares to stop
but they don’t.

for the time
to come
when they can
to be who
they were

but it
never returns.

so they clean
their weapons
prepare to attack.

to kill or be killed.
immune to death.

…for the tears
for the dead.

weakness kills you. us.

survival becomes
the mantra
of the fittest…

and so they wait

and wait

for someone…anyone
to end this damn war



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