AMBER’S PAGES-I’ve Seen My Footprints, Magic Enters and more….

I’ve seen my footprints along the water’s edge.
They only last an instant.
Lace trimmed rags of waves
Wash away my passage.
Even our combined footprints quickly erase.
The only thing that endures
Is our two hands clasped.


I am like water, time and gravity
Driver over and between the rocks
And hard places
To the delta
Of my life.


Magic enters
Faint shadow cast
With prayerful hands

Begging light
As candles
Dressed in cellophane
Petaled shades

Wick on wick
As one candle
Lights another
Then a family
And then a multitude
Pacing on
Into the night
In separate
Flickering distances.


On the sidewalk
Feet drawn under her skirt
She holds
A child
Half dead.
Out of stuper
She politely acknowledges
Every pesos
Dropped in her
Foam cup.



Old woman
stroking………… a shiney new coffin
smiling………….with both eyes
like a lover.

with splyed legs,
under a skirt of a thousand washings,
she sees her reflection…. and mine.

 Amber Weston

Amber Western, born in Washington state, is a writer. Her horse is in Idaho and her agent, Reyne Canning, in Australia.  She lives in Oaxaca part-time, between her agent and horse.

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