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Black Jaguar, rare. Visit the Zoo near Mitla

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 Check out Ron Mader’s site that virtually covers EVERYTHING in Oaxaca: http://www.planeta.com/ecotravel/mexico/oaxaca/oaxacacity.html.
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For example, when searching for information on Tours, click the Masthead title “Tourism.” On that page, Scroll down to Linda Martin’s Tours of Colonial Churches. For photos,  Alan Goodin, etc and click  https://morknme6.wordpress.com/poetry/ and go to Gil Cogate, Amber, Alvin StarkmanBlue, Alice O. Johnson, Rodrigo, Palmer Snider (The Night Owl), Travelling Stanley, Mary Ellen Sanger (She been here, knows that), John Barbato (The Ginsberg of Oaxaca), Barbara Lyons Perez,  and Alan L. Goodin (see Alan’s Photos by clicking on the Photography Section on on Facebook: Alan Goodin).

For anyone wanting an “inside” look at Oaxaca check out Stan Gotlieb’s site at Tomzap: http://www.tomzap.com/faq.html. Stan’s site is full of insites about travel, tourism and Mexico.
NEW YORK TIMES BOOK REVIEWS ARE AT <http://www.nytimes.com/pages/books/.>

 Jaguar Speaks, the online version of  ZOCALO MAGAZINE, when Beth Kelly, Jane and Thorny Robison of Oaxaca, Mexico collected stories, art and poems and put them in a magazine called Zocalo. The quarterly magazine was updated in 2005, when Alan Goodin (The Jaguar) began to publish the art’s section and front and back covers on glossy paper.  During the “disruptions” that occurred in 2006, funding was no longer available and the magazine went out of business until Stephen (Superman) Sardeson (below photo) offered Mr. Goodin a website.  
Mr. and Mrs. (Superman) Silversard
Stephen also operates other of webites under Yahoo Groups–
The History of Jaguar Speaks is the reality of the Jaguar de la Luz, a Jaguar who lives in the mountains overlooking Oaxaca Valley. She was the subject of a local public outcry when, for dinner she decided to turn a local rancher’s cow into a couple of hundred Big Macs, with the trimmings. Seems the rancher wanted the Jaguar killed and took some local Indigenous and others up to do the job. All was going fine, going along with the plan, up the trail and then they saw her, with a sunglow surrounding her. The Indigenous refused to kill her, so the story goes, and demanded that she be jailed at the local zoo (near Mitla) until bail had been set. This resulted in some BIG time fundraisers with many artist painting beautiful pictures of jaguars,
selling then and finally raising enough bail to have her release on Parole back to the mountains with the condition that she not eat any more Big Macs. In these pages over the coming months I will try to shed more luz on that story.

My friend Francisco Verastegui is still working with the fundrasing and with the help of many artist has produced Jaguar Calendars.

Jaguar of the Light, Doing time at the local Zoo

The Jaguar, photo by Susan Reed



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