THE HERETICS by Marian Dickinson



Lizards lackadaisical
seldom lose their tails at all,
just those who practice push-ups
                                         near a cat.

And penguins paradoxical
never trip on rocks at all,
staying put in the Pacific,
                                       swimming flat.

So humans hypothetical
might find life less regrettable
if they avoided hazards
                                      just like that.

But mankind metaphysical
remains (alas!) too critical
of minds that will not move
                                   from where they’re at.

© 1986 Marian Dickinson


2 thoughts on “THE HERETICS by Marian Dickinson

  1. Marian!
    The rhythm of this is SPECTACULAR! Fun! It sounds almost like a Broadway show tune!
    Thanks for posting it!

  2. Dear mes,

    I’m glad you like the rhythm. My poems all tend to have some sort of rhythm, even the very serious ones, so you see I feel a strong need for it.

    Thanks for commenting.

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