Oaxaca Garden and Nature Club
May to December 2010 Calendar

Wednesday, May 12 at 11:00 a.m.
“The Treatment and Control of Diseases and Infestations Cactus and Succulent Plants. ”
As Interest Grows in xeric landscape and garden design The Treatment and control of the diseases and infestations Encountered is of particular importance. Cactus and succulent species of course Comprise a large portion of the plants incorporated Into a low water demand and low maintenance garden. As with all plants, cactus and succulent species are subject to Their Own particular array of diseases and infestations.
Engineer AgrorJu nomeMendoza overcame Ramirez, formerly with the Ethnobotanical Garden, is very Experiences in the culture and care of the species of Those plants we might want to Incorporate Into Our xeric gardens. At the May 12 meeting Juvencio will present “The Treatment and Control of Diseases and Infestations in Cactus and Succulent Plants.” His presentations on this recently and Other Subjects Were Very Well Received at the Ethnobotanical Garden.
If you wish to merge onto Either These plants Simply Into your garden or care for them in pots, Juvencio’s presentation should Prove invaluable. If You Have diseased plant material succulent Along please bring it in a plastic bag for diagnosis.
Please let us know if you plan to Attend.
The presentation will be Given at the home of longtime
Garden Club memberPink Virgin Hill Figueroa.
Rosa’s address is
Diag. 117 Margaritas
Col. Reforma
From Children at the Heroes go north onto VW Dealership Military College.
Turn right at the 4th street (at the gynecologist’s sign). This is Diagonal Las Margaritas.
Pink’S house is on the left near the end of this street # 117.
Pink’S phone: 515-0028
Rosa’s house is across the street from La Veranda Restaurant Where Can we gather around the buffet Their garden for after-the presentation.
The notice for this meeting has Been Already a reminder sent out and will Be sent as the date gets closer.

June 9-10 Meeting
We will be heading up to the lush tropical landscape of central Veracruz state.
Our main destination will be a bamboo research and commercial center near the town of Huatusco WHERE many Varieties of bamboo are grown, studied, processed and Sold. We will be Given a tour of the center and will be Able to purchase plants of the many dozens of species of bamboo They grow. Bamboo building materials, furniture, Bookcases, Lampshades, etc. Both are available for purchase at the center and nearby towns.
This will be an overnight trip spanning Wednesday, June 9 – Thursday, June 10.
Further details will be provides as the date approach.

July – August
We will be in recess for the summer months of July and August and no meetings are scheduled “.
The destination for September will be the northwest corner of Oaxaca state in the Mixteca Baja near the town of Tonala, The dam and Yosacuta “El Boqueron. “The primary attraction will be the Tonala Canyon. Cut Into A trail winds Along the canyon wall above the river and spectacularly beneath the towering 1,000-foot cliffs moss-mottled, green tufted like a classical Chinese painting. There are many natural Other attractions nearby.
This will be an overnight trip spanning Wednesday, Sept. 1 – Thursday, Sept. 2
Further details will be provides as the date approach.

September 1-2 Meeting

October 6 Meeting
“An Introduction to Birding in Oaxaca” will be a bird walk at the dam and in the hills above Teotitlan del Valle. Local birders Bill and Doreen Stair will lead this event with the Assistance of Other local Knowledgeable birders.There will be an early morning start for this walk and the duration will depend on the numbers of birds encountered.
Starting time and Will Be Provided further details as the date approach.

November Meeting
The November meeting will be a presentation by British author John Pilbeam. John is a popular lecturer on succulent plants and Enthusiasts Regularly Gives Talks to Both in the UK and overseas. It is, however, as an author of articles and books for Which is best I’ve Known, arguably the most Prolific in the hobby. Not only plant His Interests include just about all cacti, But many of Other succulent plants generated as well. His encyclopedic Knowledge and highly-readable style combine to make him the most popular author on succulent plants.
John’s presentation will be in November at a time and location to be Announced as the date approach.

Wednesday, December 8 Holiday Potluck and Plant Exchange

This year ‘s Holiday Potluck will be celebrating the Tenth Anniversary of the Oaxaca Garden and Nature Club. Also we will be electing a new president for the year 2011. If you would like to be a candidate for president or Nominate someone please let us know. We will be accepting nominations up Until the election Takes place. Time and place to be Announced as the date approach.


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