Anna-Serena Destiny Dorey.  All photos by Alan L. Goodin (El Jaguar). See more of Anna-Serena Desstsiny Dorey on Facebook at                <!/BeautifulObsession&gt;

Anna Serena, born Sept 14 in California, is currently attending Fullerton College with an emphasis in acting and Arts and Humanities. By Summer 2011 I will have an Associates Degree in both. My interests are broad, but they always lead back to the arts and overall life improvement. The world of the Theatre will always …be my home, it gave me purpose in life and when I act I am truly free. I have taken dance classes for 3 years now in modern, jazz, social (swing, salsa, waltz) and middle-eastern (bellydance). Dance allows me to free myself; to express myself in almost a more fulfilling way than acting. It also helps to have that experience when I model, since as a dancer you have to shut your mind off and just let the content pour out of you, it also increases the awareness of my body. Other than my obvious delight in creative expression I dabble in swordplay, sketching, murals, costuming/sewing, philosophy, play writing, nutrition/counseling, reading, communication and adventuring to dangerous and new outdoor locations. I consider myself quirky but determined; insist on reaching my dreams of blossoming into a successful film actress and belly dancer.

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