Oaxaca Garden and Nature Club Excursion
Rancho Xocotla Bamboo Plantation in Huatusco, Veracruz
Thursday and Friday, June 10 -11

We will be heading up into the lush tropical landscape of central Veracruz state.
This will be an overnight trip spanning Thursday, June 10 – Friday, June 11. Our main destination will be Bambuver, a bamboo research and commercial center near the town of Huatusco, Veracruz where many varieties of bamboo are grown, studied, processed and sold. Standing in groves of massive bamboo stands is a sensual experience. The beauty and power of this rapid growing material has to be seen – words cannot describe it.
We will be given a tour of the center and will be able to purchase plants of the fifteen to twenty species of bamboo they grow. We will also visit their workshops where bamboo building materials are processed and furniture is made. The furniture is available by order.

The plant material for sale is available in two forms. The young plants are in 4″ to 6″ plastic bags and will easily fit in the trunk of your car whereas the rhizomes are attached to a 3 meter length of mature bamboo and present more of a challenge to transport. Except for the rarer species, most of the young plants sell for between 15 to 30 pesos each. 

Thursday, June 10:
Drive to Huatusco on your own (allow four hours) and check into the Hotel Huatusco, Av.1 Oriente No.399.
They have an underground parking area which you can enter next to the front door of the hotel. Rate is 575 pesos single and 650 pesos double. Reservations at (01)27373 43852 y (01)27373 43921. We will meet for dinner at 7 o’clock at the bar and restaurant “La Central”. It is located a block and a half from the hotel on the opposite side of the street and to your right as you exit the hotel.
The very personable owner, Eduardo, will be preparing a special Paella for us. The price will be 70 pesos plus drinks etc.
Friday, June 11:
Breakfast at any of the several attractive cafes and eateries close by to the hotel.
After breakfast we will assemble at 10:30 with our vehicles at the downtown office of “Bambuver” which is where our tour will begin. The office is located at Av.4 Oriente No. 336. From there we will make the five minute trip to Rancho Xocotla. The tour will take around two to two and a half hours and there is a 50 peso charge. The last stop on the tour will be the Bambuver talleres which are located across the street from the luxurious Hotel Los Cocuyos where we have arranged for comida after visiting the talleres. This will probably be at around 1:30 PM.
Los Cocuyos maintains beautiful garden areas including nine hole golf course, viveros, etc. We have arranged to have comida at the Los Cocuyos Restaurante “El Ventanal”. The menu is very reasonably priced considering the luxurious surroundings. Pastas 40 to 100 pesos, regional dishes 50 to 150 pesos, meat/fish/seafood dishes 100 to 150 pesos. They suggested putting together a set regional menu for us which we can consider and decide in the morning before the tour begins.
After comida the excursion will officially end, however those wishing to continue for another day may go on to Xalapa. The drive to Xalapa via Coatepec takes about two hours through spectacular tropical landscapes. The main attraction in Xalapa is, of course, the fabulous collection of the Museum of Antropology.

Directions to Huatusco
Take the Autopista (135 D) north from Oaxaca until you reach the junction of 135D and 150D. Keep to your right and take Cordoba/Orizaba. This will take you onto the autopista 150D heading toward Cordoba/Orizaba. Stay on the autopista till you exit at the Fortin/Huatusco exit sign. After paying your toll keep right and then go left at the Huatusco sign, then left again at the next Huatusco sign. This will take you under the autopista and onto Mex125. Road signs are clearly marked to take you to Huatusco. You will be on Av.1 Poniente when you enter town, the street name will change to Av.1 Oriente as you go through town and the Hotel Huatusco is at Av.1 Oriente No.399.

If you plan to come on this trip please let us know at your earliest convenience or no later than Monday June 7.

If you need a ride or wish to offer a ride, please let me know and I’ll try to help pair up.

Jim Peck
Calle la Lomita s/n, Barrio el Rancho
San Lorenzo Cacaotepec, Etla
(044) 951 1061601 
(044) 951 101 3447
(044) 951 119 3308


Oaxaca Garden and Nature Club Meeting
Wednesday, May 12 at 11AM
“The Treatment and Control of Diseases and Infestations
in Cactus and Succulent Plants”

Note: So as not to be in conflict with the recently announced library fund raiser
this May meeting is being held on the second Wednesday of the month
rather than the first as is our usual practice.

As interest grows in xeric landscape and garden design the treatment and control of the diseases and infestations encountered is of particular importance. Cactus and succulent species of course comprise a large portion of the plants incorporated into a low maintenance and low water demand garden. As with all plants, cactus and succulent species are subject to their own particular array of diseases and infestations.

Ingeniero Agrónomo Juvencio Mendoza Ramírez, formerly with the Jardin Ethnobotanico, is very experienced in the culture and care of the species of those plants we might want to incorporate into our xeric gardens. At the May 12 meeting Juvencio will present ” The Treatment and Control of Diseases and Infestations in Cactus and Succulent Plants”. His presentations on this and other subjects were recently very well received at the Jardin Ethnobotanico.

If you wish to either incorporate these plants into your garden or simply care for them in pots, Juvencio’s presentation should prove invaluable. If you have diseased succulent plant material please bring it along in a plastic bag for diagnosis.

Please let us know if you plan to attend.

The presentation will be given at the home of longtime
Garden Club member Rosa Virgin Colina Figueroa.
Rosa’s address is
Diag. Margaritas 117
Col. Reforma
From Niños Heroes go north at the VW Dealership onto Heroico Colegio Militar.
Turn right at the 4th street (at the Gynecologist’s sign). This is Diagonal Las Margaritas.
Rosa’s house is on the left near the end of this street #117.

Rosa’s phone: 515-0028

Rosa’s house is across the street from La Veranda Restaurant where we can gather around their garden for the buffet after the presentation.

Jim Peck
Calle la Lomita s/n, Barrio el Rancho
San Lorenzo Cacaotepec, Etla
(044) 951 1061601 
(044) 951 101 3447
(044) 951 119 3308


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