Thank you for inquiring about Thai food on Sundays! *Please realize that we are not a restaurant, but we do serve a set menu of items to our friends each and every Sunday. *If lost, Please do not ask our neighbors about a restaurant, perhaps ask them where the “Tall white haired gringo lives with his little dog”. If you decide not to follow our directions know that we are not next to #205 – from there we are 5 blocks further away from the Univ. on the other side of the street. *If you have not been to our house please call us first to let us know you are coming. We now have a beautiful space on a veranda with a garden – more tables and a new menu. We welcome you! *Reservations are not required; but if you are a large group, or if you want a specific item on the menu, please call. Directions to Venustiano Carranza #207 503-8134 Cell 044-951-216-2790 Directions from VW  South on Vasconcelos (periferico)  Make a HARD left @ 5 senores corner (pemex on right- stay left of Farmacio O’Mega)  Now on Av. Ferrocarril  Stay Right-Turn @ 2nd St. (look for blue “Hotel San Marcos” sign-This street is Pro. De Rayon) comes quickly  Go to the 4th St (see “Calle Venustiano Carranza” on Orange building on right)  Turn Left-@ 10 meters cross a diagonal street (16th de sept)  Park after crossing the street  Large Brown Door on Right 503-8134 Cell 044-951-216-2790 Appetizers 1. Fresh spring rolls $48 Served with a delicious lime dressing and topped with peanuts. 2. Galloping Horses (Ma Ho) $40 It’s a combination of ground pork and peanuts served on top of fresh fruit. Slightly sweet, slightly spicy Soups Soup in Thailand is not a separate course, but rather enhances the mix of flavors. Perhaps balance a spicy soup with a milder entrée, or a spicy salad with the creamy richness of Tom Ka Gai. 3. Tom Yum Kung $55 regular $40 small The best known of Thai soups –with Shrimp & Mushroom 4. Vegetarian “Tom Yum Kung” $55 5. Tom Ka Gai $55 regular $40 small rich with coconut milk–with Chicken & Mushroom 6. Vegetarian Coconut soup $55 7. Patty’s Special $70 It is a really big bowl of soup. It’s the Tom Yum Kung Salads Virtually all meals in Thailand are accompanied by some kind of salad. They can be meals in themselves or a part of a meal 8. Laab $65 Ground chicken breast w/mint, lime and toasted rice for a great crunchiness – served on lettuce with other fresh vegetables 9. Transparent Noodle Salad $65 skinny noodles, ground pork, garlic, peanuts, and green onions in a lime dressing -served on lettuce with other fresh vegetables 10. Small Vegetable salad $35 11. Grilled Meat or Shrimp Salad – Meat $70, Shrimp $80 Certainly not Thai, but a delicious full meal salad with your choice of sautéed Pork, Chicken, Tofu or Shrimp. Specialties 12. Curry of the day $80 13. Pad Thai $85 This slightly sweet and sour classic noodle dish with shrimp, bean sprouts and peanuts 14. Cabbage w/ Pork & Prawns $80 wok seared cabbage mixed with shrimp and pork – also with tofu for a delicious vegetarian dish – spicy with black pepper 15. Fried Basil $80 Thai style stir- 16. Greens with Peanut Sauce $80 17. Fish Thai Style $100 18. Rad Nar $80 Soft rice noodles. Not at all spicy 19. Vietnamese Spiced Crepes $95 crepes filled with shrimp, mushrooms & bean sprouts

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