Art Space Crispín Vayadares

Last Saturday (March 30, 2013) Art Space Crispín Vayadares (Espacio de Arte Crispín Vayadares) officially opened to the public in Plaza Lucero which is son the corner of Cinco de mayo and Constitución streets, right next to the Temple of Santo Domingo. He opened with a retrospective of his work from his thirty-odd years as a painter. Vayadares has participated in more than one hundred exhibitions both nationally and internationally. He won the Boca Raton Museum of Fort Lauderdale Juror´s Prize in 1993 as well as the Mexican National Legislature´s gold medal for distinguished citizens. He has had articles published of his work in Vogue Mexico, Casas y Gente, Arte al Día, La Jornada y el Financiero. Needless to say, his work can be found in many private and public collections.

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Vayadares´ work is inspired in the rich textile tradition of Oaxaca. As a young boy, he grew up in the Isthmus of Tehuantepec (Crispin Vayadares was born in San Miguel del Puerto, Pochutla, Oaxaca), where he sold gum, candies and fish that the fishermen had given him off the docks of Salina Cruz, in the market place with its over-whelming bustle of smells, sounds, and colors. That was his first unconscious encounter with plasticity, especially the typical attire of tehuana women hawking their wares, swaying their wide hips, a cascade of bordered flowers dancing rhythmically to the ground, as if fallen from heaven. And against a sky of velvet night, cadmium yellow, cerulean blue, crimson, scarlet, alizarin red sparkling like swirling stars become exotic flowers, the embroidery made a world that for many would have been gray, burst with color and form and texture. Thus, Vayadares, deep rooted in memory and nostalgia, weaves color with the paint brush and the spatula until his paintings themselves become lush tapestries, combining animals and scenes from his beloved childhood.
Recently, the artist has begun painting metal comals (the round discs that Mexican women use to make tortillas, memelas, etc.). Each comal is an original painting and speaks to us of hearth, of memory, and of hope. The image of mother waking up before dawn to make the day´s supply of tortillas over her hearth fire is one familiar to many Mexicans. And in a country where hardship for many is a constant, it is also an image of hope.
For those who love Oaxacan art, textiles, and tradition; it would be well worth their while to visit Crispin Vayadares´ new gallery and celebrate with him the vitality of color, of being, and of hope.
By Katherine Wong


2013 “Las Paisanas Llegaron Ya”, Galería Arte de Oaxaca, Oaxaca de
2012 “Amorcito Corazón”, Cámara de Senadores de la República, México
2011 “El Cantar de los Cantares”, Centro Cultural Casa LAMM,
México DF, y Galería Arte de Oaxaca, Oax. De Juarez.
“Esta tarde vi llover”, Galería Casa Colón, Mérida, Yucatán.
2009 “Hasta que la Luna Ya No Sea”, Museo del Palacio, Oaxaca de Juárez.
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“Después del Diluvio”, Ex – Convento de Santo Domingo: Museo de
Las Culturas, Oaxaca de Juárez.
2006 “Sobre Las Olas”, Museo de los Pintores Oaxaqueños, Oaxaca de
2001 “El Telar de los Colores”, Galería Estela Shapiro, México. D.F., México.
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1995 “Caras y Verduras”, Galería Pacífico, Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, México.
1990 “Crispín Vayadares: Obra Reciente”, Galería Arte Actual Mexicano,
Monterrey, N.L., México.


2009 “Entre Paréntesis”, Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Oaxaca.
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“Exposición Inaugural” Museo Hermila Castellanos, Comitán, Chiapas, México.
“Encuentro de Pintores de MATAMOROS, QUERÉTARO, JUCHITÁN”
Museo de Arte de Querétaro, Qro., México.



All photos by Alan Goodin
March 31, 2013


Night of the Radishes
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Noche de rábanos
The Night of the Radishes (Spanish: Noche de rábanos) is celebrated every year on December 23 and it began in 1897 in the “zócalo” (main plaza) of Oaxaca city. Although it lasts only a few hours, it attracts thousands of people to this plaza each year.

The event consists of an exhibition of sculptures made from a type of large red radish which can weigh up to 3.00 kilograms (6.6 lb) and attain lengths up to 50 centimetres (20 in).[1] These radishes are especially grown for this event, left in the ground for months after the normal harvests to let them attain their giant size and unusual shapes.

The sculptures are made by professional craftsmen and aficionados, who are mostly radish growers. Themes include complete nativity scenes, party scenes with dozens of figures, Baile Folklorico, models of real buildings built with much detail, and saints.[1] The sculpted scenes include other materials such as dried flowers and corn husks but what makes a sculpture stand out is the creative cutting of the radish itself for effect, such as carefully peeling the red skin back and perforating it to create a lace skirt. A contest is held with the first-prize winner getting their picture in the newspaper.[1]

CODICES-A LECTURE BY LINDA MARTIN – All photos by Alan L. Goodin



Wednesday, January 16th at 5 pm. Cost: $100 pesosOaxaca Lending Library and Monday, February 25 – 5 pm – $100 pesos. Oaxaca Lending Library, Pino Suárez 519.

Photo by Alan Goodin

Photo by Alan Goodin

BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND—a fun, informative and illustrated talk to learn about Oaxaca before Cortez. Lord 8 Deer and Lady 6 Monkey. Sacred hallucinogenic plants: the Zapotec’s express route to the gods. Codex images in Oaxaca graffiti, Frida, Tamayo, Toledo and Disney. Antiquity, with a zany modern touch.
All Photos by Alan L. Goodin


Oaxaca FilmFest is dedicated to the recognition and advancement of outstanding achievement in cinema, creating opportunities for filmmakers, providing audiences with outstanding entertainment, and enhancing the economic well-being of The State Of Oaxaca.

“The New Sundance”, is what many Film Festival organizers are saying about the event which is rapidly emerging as one of the most important developing film festivals in the world,

Established in 2010 the Festival has been a uniquely successful collaboration between the private and public sectors injecting nearly $6,000,000 USD in tourism revenue into the region in the first two seasons.

In just three seasons the festival received nearly 3000 submissions from 77 different countries. With an extremely high standard for surviving the selection process, Oaxaca FilmFest has discovered some of the most brilliant filmmakers emerging on the international cinema scene today!

Tequila (Sony Clasics)

A Lonely Place For Dying (1,000,000 Downloads on iTunes)

Ecstasy (Toronto Film Festival )

Una Noche (Winner in TriBeCa)

LA SOGA (Amazon Top 10 independent Films)

Crebinsky (Currently in European Theaters)

La Pantera Negra (Currently in Latin American Theaters)

What to expect in 2012?

– 10 days

– 25 venues

– 300 screenings

– 10 Day Rally

– 5 Day Academic Program-With a Focus on Self Distribution

– International “Pitching” Market

– “Infamous” Fiestas

-and much much more.

Every Film in the Festival is a Mexican Premiere. In most cases a Latin American Premiere and in many cases a WORLD PREMIERE! There is something for everyone from “edge of your seat” feature films that include Robert De Niro, Clint Eastwood, Spike Lee, and Clive Owen to thought provoking documentaries.

WHY DO WE NEED THE FUNDING? As with any event of this size money is always an issue. However, with the constant need for the public sector to invest their money into other areas and the economic woes of the private sector cash is tighter than ever. We have prided ourself in our ability to build the festival on a lean staff, a constant focus on “intercambios” (in kind support), and to invest wisely. For example we do not pay for actors and actresses to attend the event-we think it is more important to spend those dollars on high quality projections and academic events. Yet, at the “end of the day”…WE STILL NEED CASH! We do have many corporate partners and we are very grateful and proud of these relations. Yet, we continue to maintain simple relationships avoiding ONE large Corporate Sponsor so we can maintain our Freedom and Independence to continue to create an incredible event.

WHERE DOES YOUR DONATION GO? Simple! To begin preparation for next year’s event. This month marks the celebration of our third and biggest event to date and after taking one day off to rest we will begin to focus on Oaxaca FilmFest 4!

WHY IS OAXACA FILMFEST IMPORTANT? Oaxaca is a State rich in cuisine, culture, and history. It contains beautiful beaches and breath taking mountains. Yet, it is one of the poorest regions in Mexico. The people of this Region depend on dollars generated from tourism. The Festival provides much needed economic stimulus via tourism revenue.

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.Oaxaca Filmfest-Youtube channel


“Nefarious: merchant of souls

Directed/Dirección: Benjamin Nolot
96 min EUA 2011
Cast/Reparto: S/N. Genre/Género: Documentary Features/Largometraje Documental.

From the very first scene, Nefarious ushers you into the nightmare of sex trafficking. When you see a woman being dragged to the ‘breaking grounds’, you will feel her despair. You will follow beside her as she is beaten, stripped naked, then sold to the highest bidder. After she’s auctioned off, she’s taken to a location where she will be sold night after night.
Desde la primera escena, Nefarious te introduce a la pesadilla del tráfico sexual. Cuando veas a una mujer que es arrastrada, sentirás su desesperación. Seguirás a su lado mientras ella es golpeada, desnudada y luego vendida al mejor postor. Después de haber sido subastada, es llevada a un lugar donde se venderá noche tras noche.


“Change You


Cheryl Hassen

12 min


Cast/Reparto: Debi Sawchuk Miguel Angel Vergara Calleros,
Josh Davis, Jillian Sodero Genre/Género: Documentary Short/Cortometraje Documental
Change You follows Albertan Debi Sawchuk and fellow group members on a journey through the Mexican jungle in Palenque and to the ancient spiritual sites of Yaxchilan and Tonina. They are inspired by Mayan Master Teacher Miguel Angel Vergara Calleros, whose gentle persona and profound insights encourage them to experience, to open their hearts.
Change You sigue a Albertan Debi Sawchuk y los demás miembros del grupo en un recorrido por la selva mexicana en Palenque y de los antiguos yacimientos espirituales de Yaxchilan y Tonin.. Se inspiran en el Maestro de maestros maya Miguel Ángel Vergara Calleros, cuya dulce personalidad y conocimientos profundos los anima a experimentar, a abrir sus corazones.


“Los refrigeradores

Directed/Dirección: Thomas Lehner
95 min Austria/Cuba 2012
Cast/Reparto: S/N. Genre/Género: Documentary Features/ Largometraje Documental.

Cuba on ice. Naturally it is served in cocktails at the beach bar. But for the island residents, keeping things in a cold, solid state is a matter of survival and constitute a daily struggle. Refrigerators are passed down from one generation to another, caringly maintained and restored.

Cuba on the rocks. Naturalmente es servido en cocteles en la playa o en el bar. Pero para los residentes de la isla, mantener cosas en estado frío y sólido es un asunto de sobrevivencia y constituye una lucha diaria. Refrigeradores son heredados de una generación a otra, mantenidos y restaurados con cuidado.

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Jim Cline is an award winning adveture travel phtographer based in San Diego, California. He always strives to transcend ordinary travel pictures and to convey a strong sense of place, and the spirt of the people in his photographs. Jin’s work has been displayed in galleries and the San Diego Natural History Museum, and his images have won numberous awards. Hi photographs have been phlished in books, newpapers, magazines, and CD covers. Jim now leads small group photogrpahic tours to carious locations throughout Mexico, Guatemala, and Peru. Jim’s phography and information on his tours can be found at“I first traveled to Southern Mexico to witness the Day of the Dead celebration in 1999, and I was so moved by the event, that I have gone back and photographed it every year since. It is a time of a whole range of emotions – from joy to sorrow, and it’s a time to recognize death as part of the circle of life and face it head on. It is a challenge for a photographer, as most of the interesting events occur while it is dark. I’ve tried to capture some of the meotion and excitement of this special time in Mexico.” On November 5th, 2012, Jim presented an hour long photo workshop to 30 members and guest of the Oaxaca Lending Library. More information on Jim Clines Tours can we seen at <;.

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MEGA RADIO EXPRESS-Will broadcast from your site

Mega Radio Express <> the only English speaking internet show in Oaxaca (from Puerto Escondido) is introducing a project sponsor and marketing of their “Vive Puerto Escondido” program.

The program airs Mondays and Fridays. It can be used to perform on remote control from a restaurant, hotel or trade interested in promoting their services. The cost for this service would be $1,500 pesos by the two programmes.

Interviews from the cabin of shops here could be real estates, or promotion of events and festivals. The cost is $1,000 pesos.

Transmission (events of festivals) remote control up to two hours, the cost for this service is $1,500 pesos per event. For music events port Music Fest 2011 could promote a package which would include 4 programs with interview in the cabin transmission for remote control of 4 events and 2 hour cost for this package is $5,500 pesos.

Megaradion express,com can also be heard at <>. Their URL is <http://76.73.34:7060&gt;.  Click and listen.

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For more information about Beth Kelly’s book, Impossible Things, see:

For more infornation on John’s book “Collected Poems: 1964-2002” click on: <

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CDs of the Oaxacan Organs

Dear friends of the IOHIO,
We are pleased to announce our first CDs of the Oaxacan organs.
Please see the attachment for more details.
Best regards,
Cicely Winter
Instituto de Órganos Históricos de Oaxaca A. C.
Reforma 504
Col. Centro
68000 Oaxaca, Oax.
Tel (951) 516 3956

The IOHIO is pleased to announce that the first four CDs of our series “Órganos Históricos de Oaxaca, México” are available in Oaxaca.  Now you may hear some of the most exciting concerts from our International Organ and Early Music Festivals, played by outstanding national and international organists. Each recording includes a 20-page booklet with color photos and essays about the organs by Barbara Owen and Cicely Winter. Please note that they have cardboard rather than plastic cases in support of the ecological initiatives of the Alfredo Harp Helú Foundation in Oaxaca.

You may purchase the CDs in Oaxaca in the Librería (bookstore) Grañen Porrúa (Alcalá 104), the store of the Museo de Filatelia (Reforma 504), and the secretary’s office of the Basílica de la Soledad (on the left side of the church). The income from the store sales will largely benefit the IOHIO (and will help offset the cost of the production and finance future recordings); the income from sales in the Basílica de la Soledad will benefit the church. The price is the same in all three places—$130 pesos each. We will notify you once we have organized the distribution and sale at the national and international level.