Wednesday, March 27, 5:00 pm, free.

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All photos by Alan Goodin

Gil Colgate presented his fourth volume of poetry, “Smokehouse,” Wednesday the 27th of March at 5pm at the Library.

The grope

It was a delicious finger tingling mind blinding grope
That would make me famous, at least that was my hope
But no one would believe me, and she just laughed it off
The police won’t help press charges – they simply smile and scoff
I tried a cross complaint that she had resisted
But the press informed me they’d already desisted
Since it’s all about the press these days: facts are no longer needed
When the press announces, the proof is already conceded.

In my case, Al, my grope was so unimportant as to not even amuse
The press has decided my grope is not news
The lady I groped won’t get much from her defense
Her virtue left her long ago, so she’s now on the proverbial fence
That nothing matters except results and money
That includes truth. Isn’t reality peculiar and funny?

I groped her; at least my memory declares I did. Al, at least I tried
What reason could there ever be to think that I had lied?
But with the press today there is such acceleration
Most events conclude upon the moment of accusation.

The practiced eye.

With practiced eye upon the audience, he said
“I can predict the future.” That got‘em: they blinked.
“Not what will happen to each of you,” he finked,
“But since today is built upon yesterday,
And tomorrow on what happens today
Tomorrow will be very much like today.
And those of you who are alive, tomorrow
Will feel pretty much like you feel right now.
Like: today is yesterday’s tomorrow.
Of course, some of you will die, but those of you who do
Probably aren’t feeling very well today
Yes, accidents happen but let’s talk about
What we can expect.

Nothing really ever happened in the past
Nothing ever happens in the future.
Happenings take place only once: not then, not then.

Wasn’t yesterday pretty much just like today?
Well tomorrow will be likewise, as you slide through
The permitted intervals that constitute a day.
Actually when you think about it, nothing much has happened
Since this earth of ours started cooling and water formed.
Life started – either sparked – or simply
Chemical metabolism. It started, single celled, and then more.
Plants and then moving plants and then thinking plants,
Then animals including us. The planet heats, the planet cools,
The tectonic plates shudder, and with them little games are played.
Three times there are large extinctions of living things,
But the oceans didn’t care. And there will be more – meantimes –
Today is much like yesterday which is pretty much the same
As today. Hope you’re satisfied, ‘cause that’s all you’re going to get.
But, if you’ve heard me or read me – you’re lucky – you’ve lived.
Stretch. Think. Think how damn lucky you are. You’ve lived.
Think of all that hasn’t. Think rocks. Think dirt. Think. You are alive.”
That got’em: they blinked again.

Gil studied poetry at college but upon graduating left for a career that eventually would have to support five children. Upon retiring to Oaxaca ten years ago he started writing full time.

Refreshments will be served.
March 27, 2013.

CODICES-A LECTURE BY LINDA MARTIN – All photos by Alan L. Goodin



Wednesday, January 16th at 5 pm. Cost: $100 pesosOaxaca Lending Library and Monday, February 25 – 5 pm – $100 pesos. Oaxaca Lending Library, Pino Suárez 519.

Photo by Alan Goodin

Photo by Alan Goodin

BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND—a fun, informative and illustrated talk to learn about Oaxaca before Cortez. Lord 8 Deer and Lady 6 Monkey. Sacred hallucinogenic plants: the Zapotec’s express route to the gods. Codex images in Oaxaca graffiti, Frida, Tamayo, Toledo and Disney. Antiquity, with a zany modern touch.
All Photos by Alan L. Goodin