Dear friends of the Casa Hogar Hijos de la Luna, 






This may be the first time that you receive a communication about the Home for the Children of the Moon (Casa Hogar Hijos de la Luna or CHILU), which supports the children of prostitutes and other low-income single mothers in Oaxaca. In this case, please read the attached project description (actually, all should read it because it has been recently updated).  I hope that you will be interested in the progress of the CHILU, whether you choose to make a donation or not.


The Casa Hogar Hijos de la Luna continues to grow and thrive and now includes 20 children, most of them little boys. The photos on the link below should give you a pretty good idea of how things are progressing. It is a constant challenge to keep our support structure in sync with the growing number of children and there will always be pending remodeling projects. We also need to buy a large refrigerator/freezer, washing machine and dryer. But in general the CHILU is functioning quite well, and we are proud of this homey, cheerful place which has been created thanks to private donations. The dormitory, play room and garden are fully functioning. The kitchen and bathrooms are finished and will soon be in full use, thanks to the recent donation of a stationary gas tank. This means that the children will eat and bathe in the Casa Hogar, rather than in Señora Coco´s apartment.


The next goal is to find more helpers, who can not only take care of the children, but also address their special needs. We have hired a young teacher to help guide the children´s activities during the day and hope to hire a part-time cook. Several foreign volunteers help out on a regular basis and we may soon have volunteer support from local college students who are fulfilling their social service requirement.


Our long range goal is to reintegrate the children into a more stable family situation, since the CHILU is neither an adoption agency, nor an orphanage. It is not our intention that the children live there indefinitely, that Coco becomes a substitute for their birth mothers, or that the mothers take the CHILU for granted. We just want to give the mothers a little breathing space so that they can reevaluate their own lives and try to move forward, knowing that their children are being looked after in the meantime. Unfortunately, the present economic crisis has affected employment in the bars and the mothers have less income, so many more children are coming in to the CHILU than are leaving. Caring for the children is one thing, but helping the mothers change their circumstances during these hard times is something else. We are wondering about what kind of options we might offer them for alternative employment, but have not yet come up with a solution. Any ideas would be most appreciated.


Please see the attached instructions if you would like to help this worthy cause. Your contribution goes straight to the project and is not reduced in any way by bureaucratic costs. Thank you for making a difference in the lives of many Oaxacan children.


         Best wishes,        

         Cicely Winter


PS Feel free to circulate these periodic reports among interested friends, but please do not send them to the press or post them on the internet. The CHILU is not seeking publicity but to the contrary, prefers to maintain a low profile.  We will soon have a web site which will properly explain the project.


Please contact Cicely Winter at for information about how you can support this worthwhile project. 


Because of the sensitive nature of its focus group and the security of the children, we ask that you support our desire to maintain a low profile.





Lo siento, pero no obligatorio el directions de Casa. The Jaguar

7 thoughts on “CASA HOGAR HIJOS de la LUNA

  1. Hola,
    Estoy buscando la dirección de la casa hogar pues tengo unas bolsas con ropa y zapatos que me dieron en San Agustinillo, Oax. para entregarles. Me podrian mandar a mi email su dirección y teléfono para ponernos de acuerdo?
    reciban saludos y gracias

      • Si, pero soy Gringo, me espanol no es bueno. I don’t speak very much spanish so please direct your questions to the website. Gracias, The Jaguar

  2. Me gustaria recibir informacion en español de su hablaron de ustedes y me interesa mucho.un saludo y gracias

  3. Really great to see your post about this amazing home. We are also very passionate about them.

    Please know that we are actively seeking donations for Casa Hogar Hijos de la Luna to expand and include a second floor. Expand Casa Hogar was created in the summer of 2011 for this purpose. We have fiscal sponsorship through a US non-profit so all donations are tax deductible. They now have 44 children in 2 bedrooms and will have to start sending the older ones back to their homes (often strip joints or brothels) if they cannot create more space. Please consider visiting our site to see the film and consider a donation:

    • Hi, Casa Hogar Hogar Hijos de la Luna is a wonderful program. Stop in some time and check it out.

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