Photo by Eva Lepiz
Thibaut Surugue, an accomplished pianist, is now 26 years old and lives in Oaxaca. His schooling, accomplishments, and how he came to Oaxaca is his story.

Thibaut was born in France and lived most of his life, from the age of 4 to 17, in Dordogne, the southern part of France. He began playing the piano when he was 5 ½ years old. His parents were always music lovers but had no piano. Thibaut’s passion led him to seek out his neighbors’ keyboard. Thibaut would venture over to their house and practice. Early on his parents realized the seriousness of Thibaut’s playing and within a few years had bought a piano for their home.

In Dordogne, he began taking lessons. He enjoyed Ragtime, boogie and all that jazz as well as Classical Music. When he was 12, his parents applied to the “Conservatoire of Limoges”, named after the town, where he became a serious and impassioned student of classical piano. His brother, Thomas, also interested in playing the piano, often became his partner and on occasion they would play duets.

When he was 17, he had developed his proficiency to the point where he auditioned (performed student recitals) and with his initial public acclaim, he moved to Paris for 7 years to continue his studies, including Physical Science at the Rene Descartes school for one year. His science studies took away from his music and he dropped out of the Descartes science study program.
Thibaut Surugue3

As his musical proficiency increased he was asked to perform in public. After spending one year in the Hochschule für Musik und Theater of Leipzig as a Foreign Exchange student, he returned to Paris where he earned his Bachelor in Musicology from La Sorbonne and Bachelor in Music Performance from the Pôle Supérieur Paris Boulogne-Billancourt.Thibaut Surugue

Then, during his first year in the Royal Conservatory of Brussels as a Graduate student, Thibaut knew about a French couple living in Oaxaca who taught piano. They were looking for someone to replace them for their students. Thibaut had been interested in Latin America and wanted to study and learn Spanish. He applied for the position and was accepted. He, along with a friend, another musician, arrived in Oaxaca in August 2011. Here, he plays, teaches piano, has conducted choir, and performs recitials. A young man with extraordinary talent, skill and passion lives amongst us. Another one of the many reasons to love and live in Oaxaca.