ELVIRA ACEVEDO-All photos by Alan Goodin

Elvira Acedvdo was featured in Arrecife Magazine, January-Febuary 2013.

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All Photos Copyright Alan L. Goodin 2013.
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by Anita Brace

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All Photos by Anita Brace

Can you imagine – I met a famous, wonderful entertainer by accident?

As I was doing my evening walk in Oaxaca a little more than two years ago, I saw a very long line of people waiting to get into the La Condesa Restaurante on Calle Cinco de Mayo.

“What’s going on?” I asked a couple of people near the end of the line.

“We’re waiting to have Lila Downs sign her CDs” a young man said. “We bought them from that vendor,” pointing at a man in the middle of the intersection.

How interesting. She must be famous, I thought. I went to the CD seller and asked him about this music.

“She travels the world” he said. “And this famous CD is Y La Misteriosa, a live performance in Paris.” She’s inside the restaurant and will sign them in a little while.”

Well, it occurred to me that would be nice to have music playing when I’m working on Oaxaca photos on my computer. Or if I added the music to a DVD program about Oaxaca. OK, I bought it and stood in line-for awhile. Fortunately the door opened up and our line was allowed in. Although a few at a time, it wasn’t absolutely slow. At the end of the line as I was about to enter, a young lady came out to take down Lila’s posters . . . and handed me one! No photographs, but really interesting art. I sure liked it, the color and the design of Lila Downs’ expression.

The last person in line, I was lucky to meet Lila. As she was signing the CD, she asked my name. And when I told her she exclaimed “That’s the same name as my mother!”

“I’m looking forward to your upcoming concert at Plaza de Danza,” I said. I’d seen it on the Oaxaca Calendar website. A friendly signature by Lila on her CD I bought, a nice conversation, and a wonderful memory.

Two days later, my friend and I arrived at Plaza de Danza early enough to find a good place to sit and see the stage down below, only about 70-80 feet away. And with my long lens and fairly high ISO, I had a really exciting time to capture her wonderful moves and high energy when she was using her beautiful voice to create emotions in the songs she sang.

Her performance was magnificent!

Well, I’m one of her fans. And I had deep feelings when I saw her in the photos I took. Four of them have been in my “Body Language” exhibitions and I decided to send them to her PR person found on liladowns.com/us who emailed me back that she really liked them and forwarded them to Lila.

I didn’t manage to get back to Oaxaca in 2011, but somehow I found that there was a concert in Los Angeles, CA near the end of February last year. I couldn’t pass it up, and managed to get the tickets, really enjoying my second experience with her music. Later in September her special interview and performance was in the Grammy Museum, also in LA. There I was able to get her latest CD/DVD, “Pecados y Milagros” and signed by Lila.

A real prize for me. On February 10th the 55th Annual Grammy Awards ceremony was a winner! Lila Downs was awarded the Grammy in the Regional Mexican Music Album “Pecados y Milagros”.

Lila Downs is up!

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