Home for Sale, Casa Loma Linda, located in Oaxaca City

Casa Loma Linda

Furnished house and bungalow with stunning panoramic vistas: Opportunity!
Located in the northern part of the city, we offer you this magnificent property with fully furnished house and bungalow, garden and spectacular vistas over the Sierra Norte, San Felipe and the whole city. Only a few minutes from the center of the city this precious house has easy access to all services (infrastructure) such as schools, university (faculty of medicine), shopping centers and sports facilities.
The property has 428 square meters on which are the main house, bungalow, garden and parking facility for 2 cars. The main house consists of 160 square meters.
The downstairs floor includes a terrace with views over the garden, a big kitchen, which is fully equipped, dining area, two furnished bedrooms, and a fully equipped bathroom. There is also a small room that can be used as an office space or small bedroom.
On the first floor you find the master bedroom with its own bathroom and the living room, as well as a beautiful terrace that offers spectacular views over mountains and city.
The bungalow also offers the same panoramic views from its dining and living room. It has two bedrooms, one on the ground floor and one on the first floor and a complete bathroom.
The property is equipped with a water cistern for 15,000l and two water tanks: 2400 l on the main house and 1100l on the bungalow. Both buildings contain stationary gas tanks with capacities of 175l of gas each. They are equipped with a phone landline and internet connection. Cable tv, satellite etc. are available.
The house and bungalow could serve as a family home as well as a vacation rental with two units (house and bungalow) that are rentable separately with independent access, thus offer income generating opportunities for investors.
A wonderful property and a great opportunity to invest in a secure and quiet neighborhood close to the center of Oaxaca City and with all services at hand. Please find more information and pictures about this beautiful property on:
http://www.casalomalinda.info Contact: sales@casalomalinda.info. Posted Dec 2012

LORENA MONTES-Photoshoot in Oaxaca

2xeMG_2646_edited-12xeMG_2508_edited-23xeMG_26711-23xeMG_2493_edited-14xeMG_2420_edited-1 copy5eMG_2645_edited-16eMG_2506_edited-1Lorena is a full time artist living in Oaxaca. Her obras can be seen on her Facebook Page as well as on Jaguar Speaks at <https://morknme6.wordpress.com/2012/10/28/lorena-montes-oaxaca-artist-oaxaca-corazon/>. Lorena also has a Facebook page exhibiting her obras at: http://www.facebook.com/Artelorenamontes>.

An Exhibition of Lorena’s obras is planned for 1 December 2012, 7 pm, at La Olla Restaurante, Reforma No. 402 Centro Historico, Oaxaca. For info, infor@laolla.com.mex or Alan Goodin at morknme6@yahoo.com.

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Some of Lorena’s painting and an interview can be seen on You Tube at: <http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CGqeFPg4Vn4>.  Also see Lorena’s work on Youtube at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SXLGqT79iYI&feature=BFa&list=PLB91B560AAF4F2138.

Posted 11-2012


Oaxaca FilmFest is dedicated to the recognition and advancement of outstanding achievement in cinema, creating opportunities for filmmakers, providing audiences with outstanding entertainment, and enhancing the economic well-being of The State Of Oaxaca.

“The New Sundance”, is what many Film Festival organizers are saying about the event which is rapidly emerging as one of the most important developing film festivals in the world,

Established in 2010 the Festival has been a uniquely successful collaboration between the private and public sectors injecting nearly $6,000,000 USD in tourism revenue into the region in the first two seasons.

In just three seasons the festival received nearly 3000 submissions from 77 different countries. With an extremely high standard for surviving the selection process, Oaxaca FilmFest has discovered some of the most brilliant filmmakers emerging on the international cinema scene today!

Tequila (Sony Clasics)

A Lonely Place For Dying (1,000,000 Downloads on iTunes)

Ecstasy (Toronto Film Festival )

Una Noche (Winner in TriBeCa)

LA SOGA (Amazon Top 10 independent Films)

Crebinsky (Currently in European Theaters)

La Pantera Negra (Currently in Latin American Theaters)

What to expect in 2012?

– 10 days

– 25 venues

– 300 screenings

– 10 Day Rally

– 5 Day Academic Program-With a Focus on Self Distribution

– International “Pitching” Market

– “Infamous” Fiestas

-and much much more.

Every Film in the Festival is a Mexican Premiere. In most cases a Latin American Premiere and in many cases a WORLD PREMIERE! There is something for everyone from “edge of your seat” feature films that include Robert De Niro, Clint Eastwood, Spike Lee, and Clive Owen to thought provoking documentaries.

WHY DO WE NEED THE FUNDING? As with any event of this size money is always an issue. However, with the constant need for the public sector to invest their money into other areas and the economic woes of the private sector cash is tighter than ever. We have prided ourself in our ability to build the festival on a lean staff, a constant focus on “intercambios” (in kind support), and to invest wisely. For example we do not pay for actors and actresses to attend the event-we think it is more important to spend those dollars on high quality projections and academic events. Yet, at the “end of the day”…WE STILL NEED CASH! We do have many corporate partners and we are very grateful and proud of these relations. Yet, we continue to maintain simple relationships avoiding ONE large Corporate Sponsor so we can maintain our Freedom and Independence to continue to create an incredible event.

WHERE DOES YOUR DONATION GO? Simple! To begin preparation for next year’s event. This month marks the celebration of our third and biggest event to date and after taking one day off to rest we will begin to focus on Oaxaca FilmFest 4!

WHY IS OAXACA FILMFEST IMPORTANT? Oaxaca is a State rich in cuisine, culture, and history. It contains beautiful beaches and breath taking mountains. Yet, it is one of the poorest regions in Mexico. The people of this Region depend on dollars generated from tourism. The Festival provides much needed economic stimulus via tourism revenue.

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.Oaxaca Filmfest-Youtube channel


“Nefarious: merchant of souls

Directed/Dirección: Benjamin Nolot
96 min EUA 2011
Cast/Reparto: S/N. Genre/Género: Documentary Features/Largometraje Documental.

From the very first scene, Nefarious ushers you into the nightmare of sex trafficking. When you see a woman being dragged to the ‘breaking grounds’, you will feel her despair. You will follow beside her as she is beaten, stripped naked, then sold to the highest bidder. After she’s auctioned off, she’s taken to a location where she will be sold night after night.
Desde la primera escena, Nefarious te introduce a la pesadilla del tráfico sexual. Cuando veas a una mujer que es arrastrada, sentirás su desesperación. Seguirás a su lado mientras ella es golpeada, desnudada y luego vendida al mejor postor. Después de haber sido subastada, es llevada a un lugar donde se venderá noche tras noche.


“Change You


Cheryl Hassen

12 min


Cast/Reparto: Debi Sawchuk Miguel Angel Vergara Calleros,
Josh Davis, Jillian Sodero Genre/Género: Documentary Short/Cortometraje Documental
Change You follows Albertan Debi Sawchuk and fellow group members on a journey through the Mexican jungle in Palenque and to the ancient spiritual sites of Yaxchilan and Tonina. They are inspired by Mayan Master Teacher Miguel Angel Vergara Calleros, whose gentle persona and profound insights encourage them to experience, to open their hearts.
Change You sigue a Albertan Debi Sawchuk y los demás miembros del grupo en un recorrido por la selva mexicana en Palenque y de los antiguos yacimientos espirituales de Yaxchilan y Tonin.. Se inspiran en el Maestro de maestros maya Miguel Ángel Vergara Calleros, cuya dulce personalidad y conocimientos profundos los anima a experimentar, a abrir sus corazones.


“Los refrigeradores

Directed/Dirección: Thomas Lehner
95 min Austria/Cuba 2012
Cast/Reparto: S/N. Genre/Género: Documentary Features/ Largometraje Documental.

Cuba on ice. Naturally it is served in cocktails at the beach bar. But for the island residents, keeping things in a cold, solid state is a matter of survival and constitute a daily struggle. Refrigerators are passed down from one generation to another, caringly maintained and restored.

Cuba on the rocks. Naturalmente es servido en cocteles en la playa o en el bar. Pero para los residentes de la isla, mantener cosas en estado frío y sólido es un asunto de sobrevivencia y constituye una lucha diaria. Refrigeradores son heredados de una generación a otra, mantenidos y restaurados con cuidado.

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