EDWARD PETERSON-Died 21 September 2011

A Goodbye to a Dear Friend

Ed Peterson.jpg   Ed Peterson, allegedly age 81, died here on September 21. A longtime resident of Oaxaca, Ed was a proud U.S. veteran.  He worked in San Diego and also at the prestigious Princeton University library in New Jersey as a Librarian. His experience, skills and love of books made a huge contribution to our library.

Ed was a valuable member of the OLL Book Committee, he contributed sage and sometimes contrarian opinions to each meeting. He worked tirelessly behind the scenes at the OLL checking donated books to see if they were duplications. Ed also was part of the team who converted OLL’s manual system over to the bar coded computerized system we use today.

With his friend Flor Bautista, Ed was an enthusiastic participant in OLL’s Saturday Intercambio program. He tutored countless Oaxacans who wanted to learn English. And, he was also not one to miss the opportunity to dance with Flor at her Oaxaca Spanish Magic language school parties.

Ed moved so often that he was an expert on furnished rentals in Oaxaca, but this last year he found a real home and a dear friend in his dueña.

Although Ed was a very private person he was also a strong presence in the OLL neighborhood, the streets around the library and in Jalatlatco will seem a little empty without him. What a sweet man.

A memorial gathering will be held at the library on Thursday, September 29th at twelve noon.

Thank you, Alan, for the kind words for our cousin, Ed Peterson. Sounds like you knew him well. Here are some “Ed Facts” for his friends in Oaxaca:

–Ed always maintained that his college roommate was Paul Newman. I believe it is true.
–He worked at the prestigious Harvard Lending Library and the Cornell University Business School Library, and eventually drove the Tompkins County (Ithaca, New York) Lending Library book mobile, as well.
–Alhough both straight men, Ed and I were on the cover of a poetry anthology called “The Gay Touch” from Crossing Press
–He held more jobs and lived in more places in both San Diego and Ithaca, New York than anyone we will ever know.
–Ed was one of the most well-read and had the most ecclectic reading habits of anyone I ever met.
–Each time I visited him in San Diego, he took me on a different tour — bars across the border, bars at the beach, bars in coast towns north of San Diego. I got the “Ed picture” everytime.

My one regret is that I was never able to take one of Ed’s special tours of Oaxaca.

He will be remembered and missed.

His cousin-in-law,
Jerry Rice, Trumansburg, NY and Port St. Lucie, FL

Tomas Vasquez Cuevas-Passed away 16 August 2011

Tomas Vasquez Cuevas passed away from complications associated with lymphoma in Dallas, Texas on August 16th of this year.

Tom was born in Yalalag, Oaxaca in 1951. As a young man he immigrated to the United States, working his way through college and getting a degree in Electrical Engineering. In 2005 he returned to his roots along with his wife Elaine. They bought land and built their dream home, in Santiago Ixtaltepec in the Teotitlan Valley, up on hill above the town and off the grid.

Tom and Elaine were great supporters of the Oaxaca Lending Library. Tom, along with Flor Bautista Carreño, headed up the Saturday Intercambios for several years. Tom was a handsome, gentle and loving man, always ready to laugh and to help with any task that needed doing. He worked tekio in his adopted village of Santiaguito where he also taught English to the children there. Last summer, during the mudslides and floods, Tom worked on a committee raising funds to clear and rebuild roads in his hometown of Yalalag. He was one-of-a-kind and there’s a big hole in Oaxaca without him.

Tom is survived by his wife Elaine, their dog Zena, son Aldo and daughters Jessica and Ardee, stepchildren Kara and Steve, all who live in the U.S., plus eight brothers and sisters on both sides of the border.


Saturday, September 3rdat 2:00 PM

Oaxaca Lending Library

Elaine will be present