MEGA RADIO EXPRESS-Will broadcast from your site

Mega Radio Express <> the only English speaking internet show in Oaxaca (from Puerto Escondido) is introducing a project sponsor and marketing of their “Vive Puerto Escondido” program.

The program airs Mondays and Fridays. It can be used to perform on remote control from a restaurant, hotel or trade interested in promoting their services. The cost for this service would be $1,500 pesos by the two programmes.

Interviews from the cabin of shops here could be real estates, or promotion of events and festivals. The cost is $1,000 pesos.

Transmission (events of festivals) remote control up to two hours, the cost for this service is $1,500 pesos per event. For music events port Music Fest 2011 could promote a package which would include 4 programs with interview in the cabin transmission for remote control of 4 events and 2 hour cost for this package is $5,500 pesos.

Megaradion express,com can also be heard at <>. Their URL is <http://76.73.34:7060&gt;.  Click and listen.

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