Oaxaca Garden and Nature Club March 2nd Excursion:
Echeveria laui in habitat near Santiago Quiotepec, Cuicatlan
Echeveria laui

Alfred Lau collection


Echeveria laui is recognized by enthusiasts as probably the most beautiful and desirable of echeveria. It was originally found by Alfed Lau in 1974 on the north-facing sheer cliffs in a side ravine by the Rio Salado-Quiotepec, south of Santa Maria Tecomavaca which is north of San Juan Bautista Cuicatlan. The story goes that to reach the plants, Lau’s helpers stood on each others’ shoulders and dislodged the plants with a stick, so inaccessible were they.
We will be visiting the exact site where Alfred first discovered this marvelous plant. Hundreds of plants growing along the now accessible cliffs are interspersed with the seldom seen Mammillaria huitzilopochtli. Both plants are rare and endangered species. Until recently this site was very difficult to reach and its location a guarded secret. Recently however the site has been opened and we can enter in the company of a local guide. A trail leading to the site is now being maintained. After leaving the roadside the site will be reached after a moderately easy hike of about a half hour. If you have any concerns about the fitness level required please contact us.

We will be travelling through the Cuicatlan Canada which is so absolutely spectacular any time of year. This will be a day trip leaving Oaxaca early morning and returning mid afternoon after having comida in Cuicatlan. 
Directions: We will assemble at the Pemex gas station located at the Rte.135 turn off from Mex 190 which is 31 kilometers North of Oaxaca. To get there, leave Oaxaca on the highway toward Mexico City which is Mex 190. DO NOT TAKE THE AUTOPISTA. Stay on Mex 190 till you reach the turn off for Telixtlahuaca-Tehuacan. This is the Rte.135 turn off and as you approach it the Pemex station is on your right directly at the corner.
We will assemble in the parking area of the Pemex at 8:00 and we will depart for Quiotepec at 8:15.  Allow around 45 minutes to get from Oaxaca to the Pemex station.

There is a fifty peso per person charge to enter the habitat area.

After visiting the habitat site we will have comida in Cuicatlan before returning to Oaxaca in the afternoon.
Please let us know early if you plan to attend so that we will have time to arrange for the guide(s) and comida. If you need a ride or wish to offer a ride, please let us know and we’ll try to help pair up. Please respond to me directly at mclenahan.peck@gmail.com.

Thank you very much,
Jim Peck